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Advice on Leadership with Substantial Applications 

Leadership Tips for College Presidents and CEOs

Think first, talk later. Listen to veteran employees. Answer nearly every message.

April 28, 2014 7:14 p.m. ET
Commencement season is drawing near, when college presidents and business leaders offer words of wisdom to graduates entering the "real world." But at a time when the college presidency has become a high-risk occupation and CEO turnover is accelerating, with 131 leaving their jobs in January alone, maybe they…

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What is Jazz? 

What is Jazz?
The Case for Specificity

There is a question that will inevitably be presented to any serious jazz musician. Although it masquerades as simple, it is in fact one of the most elusive and controversial ripostes that can be explained. That question: What is Jazz?
! From every jazz musician, from every jazz era, from every corner of the world that jazz is played, the resulting definition will invariably differ. The definition of what Jazz is to me is not objective because the definition has…

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